Gaelan and I and our two daughters are the farm. Our philosophy is to tend with care our animals and land, nurture it and them , so they will nurture us. We use Biodynamics as one way to do this. Gaelan and I bounce ideas off each other, plan out each week's tasks, work together to get the work done swiftly. We pride ourselves on working efficiently, doing a lot by hand, making do with what we have by being creative, and to work hard and then rest deliberately.
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Our Farm Family!
Nicole, Carmella, Gaelan
Asha & Carmella
Our cow Gerda is the soul of our farm. She provides the much needed fertility to our soil and provides milk for us and our pigs. This is one of the core aspects of Biodynamics-generating your own source of fertility to reduce off farm inputs to your land.
Ash and Sam
Farm Girl by Asha Corozine DelCogliano, age 11
Growing up on a farm is fun! My day starts like this- I wake up at 8 a.m , if my mom and dad are not here, I feed the dogs, the cats, the pigs and last but not least, feed the chickens. I might go down to the field to help my mom and dad. The hard thing about being a farm girl is that sometimes you feel other kids are lucky because they get to go on trips more often. We have so many animals to tend that going away is difficult. My job at the farm is to help with my little sister. In the evening I get our cow Gerda from the field and bring her to the barn. Then I give my horse Star sweet feed and hay and give our injured sheep hay and water. There are many advantages to living on a farm. I get to eat food from our own farm. I have organic and healthy food to eat every day. I also have awesome animals. My dad is also teaching me to drive the tractor by myself which is really fun. I like living on a farm because you have tons of fun and you get to swim in the nice cool river on a hot summer day.

Farm girl by Carmella Corozine DelCogliano, age 6
My life of being a farm girl is fun. I like visiting with Dawn , our injured sheep and visiting with the lambs all the time. I like the friendly pigs- they nibble on your boots all the time. I help my dad herding our cow Gerda . Sometimes I am scared when I am behind her because she is so big! Sometimes I help wash the vegetables. I really like to spin the salad in the spinner. When I got hay with my dad and sister, we saw a big black snake in the middle of the road. I helped plant the tomatoes. I really like to ride in the bucket of the tractor. I also help my dad drive the truck home. I like all my animals very much. That's the ins and outs of being farm girls.